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Electric Guitars

Electric Guitars

Guitars made by DBZ have always proven to be miles ahead of the competition. The scope of feaures, balancing, feel, appearance, tone and playability all have to be absolutely perfect. Please browse through our various body styles to get the full scope of what DBZ is about.

DBZ/Diamond Select Dealers

DBZ/Diamond Select Dealers

Here is a list of our Diamond Select Dealers. Diamond Select Dealers typically maintain much higher inventory levels so they'll often have the best selection, and are our ONLY dealers that can order/sell our Diamond Grade Top Collection. Look for this logo to ensure your dealer is an AUTHORIZED Diamond Select Dealer.

DBZ Guitars Dealers Search

DBZ Guitar Dealers

DBZ Guitars is shipping worldwide and you can inquire about whether your country has a DBZ Guitars Dealer or Distributor by contacting us. For the USA, we list our DBZ Guitar Dealers and have a map that lets you click on a state to drill down into dealers in your area. Listed as well are online DBZ Guitars Dealers.




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